Reviews from the initial responses to the illustrated book The Bible in Images


What I think is particularly successful about your illustrated book is that you have not restricted yourself to specific eras or artistic styles; rather, you have taken into account the full richness of an art history influenced by Christianity, with a discernible focus on the modern period. I also found the selection of texts and images and your introductory explanations very convincing. The Biblical texts and the works of art depicted are thus able to complement each other and enter into a form of conversation, which can lead to seeing both in a new light.

Kirsten Fehrs, Bishop of the Diocese of Hamburg and Lübeck, Lutheran Church in Northern Germany

I found that the structure and the choice of topics from the books of the Bible really worked. Your selection of pictures and the way you put them together is quite excellent. It gives enjoyment and pleasure to read the Bible texts in connection with the pictures and, conversely, to look at and consider the pictures after having read the texts. I think that with this illustrated book you have managed a very nice redesign of a biblia pauperum, as many people today know neither the Biblical stories nor are they able to interpret the works of art depicting them. With this volume you offer a valuable aid in this respect.

Principal Pastor Alexander Röder, Principal Church of St. Michael, Hamburg; Head of the Church Art Service

I think that it is a particular achievement to have limited yourself to 82 works of art from a seemingly endless number of suitable candidates - these 82 works from the history of art in Europe. It requires extensive knowledge in this field and firm conviction in the selection. 
What would Europe's art look like without the Old and New Testaments? Almost impossible to conceive. The Christian West or, more precisely, its iconography, is a treasure that can never be fully exhausted.

Prof. Wilhelm Hornbostel, former Director of the Museum of Art and Crafts, Hamburg; Chair of the Friends of Prussian Castles and Gardens, Berlin

The pictures and texts draw you beyond a mere observation. A true book of meditation!

Helge Adolphsen, former Principal Pastor of St. Michael, Hamburg, and for many years President of the German Protestant 'Kirchentag'